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Children of Various Stages of Development of Thinking Training

March 14th Posted in Study Abroad

Children of various stages of development of thinking training Thinking is a mental activity of human skills, is the core of intelligence. Cultivate their broad, flexible, Agile thinking, is extremely important to develop children's wisdom. Development of children's thinking is divided into three stages: action stages, specific images and abstract logical thinking phases of thinking. Each parent should be based on the thinking characteristics of the development of targeted training of the child.

Action stage of thinking training

Less than three years old mainly by thinking, thinking in action. Children first actions is often confused, aimless, is constantly operating at a later time in the process of understanding the relationship between actions and results. During this period, parents should be aware of the created situation, children learn to use something else to achieve their own ends. Child's thinking ability is understood from a continuous operation. For example, was an Apple on the table, baby's reach with short, should I do? Baby found a stool next to him, and moving stools, their climb, managed to take Apple to hand.

Specific stage of thinking training

3-6 children of specific images prevail, their lack of succinctness and sense of space. That's why digital plus-minus, child reactions, however, but with real examples, it is easy to understand. At this stage, parents should pay attention to increasing children's experiences to enrich children's vocabulary, give children more opportunities for hands-on. For example, in children when working inside the toy, or building blocks, helping them to understand the relationship of plane and solid, and kid picture classification and comparison of game, to let children learn to summarize and an abstract from the specific, using children's curiosity, often issues put to them, lead them to see things and phenomena. Some parents and teachers to teach children one-sided, monotonous to read, write, calculate, and so on, is not good for development and children's thinking.

Abstract logical thinking ability training

6-11 is the key to cultivate their abstract thinking abilities. During this period to develop your child thinking and scientific method of thinking. For example, ask a question, a dog has 4 legs, has 8 legs two dogs, three dogs how many legs? Like them, is the problem belongs to the abstract logical thinking. Parents should pay attention to let children learn to think for themselves, not to give children ready-made answers.

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